A visit to the Eghishe Charents house-museum


Today 792 group students visited the Eghishe Charents house-museum in frames of their Armenian Literature course. Arevik Antonyan, a counselor-pedagogue, and Zinaida Khachatryan, a teacher of Armenian Language and Literature, accompanied them.


The visit to the house-museum was impressive from the very first moments. The students explored the museum with great interest, listened to the guide and asked their questions. Some notable episodes from Charents’ life, literary activity and from the history of his manuscripts’ salvation were introduced to the students.


The Lyceum students were particularly interested in Charetnts’ manuscripts, photos and personal belongings. It was in fact the most appropriate place for “I Love My Sweet Armenia’s…” («Ես իմ անուշ Հայաստանի») group recitation…


A visit to the Eghishe Charents house-museum

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