First graders have started a new research


8The first grade students opened the doors of the research-house “Where we are in place and time” and went inside.


For the entrance the students were assigned to wonder what they might suggest a stranger sleeping in the street… Many of the students offered to build a house for him, they were even ready to take him to their houses. The learners just wished to see the stranger with a roof over his head. And as a confirmation of their proposals, the students drew various houses and buildings with great enthusiasm, trying to see the connection between the drawn and the number of people who could live in the suggested houses.


With the help of videos, the learners’ revealed that the first people had lived under the open sky and they’d started to live in caves because of weather changes and for protection from predators. They also learnt what changes houses had undergone over time.



First graders have started a new research

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