Excursion to Mayravanq


5Group 885 students organized an excursion to Mayravanq on October 3. Mkrtchyan Mane, one of the students, told about their excursion.

“It’s October 3rd, Saturday. Our group was going to have a day full of adventures. Our way was long, but happy and adventurous. Finally we reached the half ruined Mayravanq St. Mary church, which could be found in the state list of historical and cultural immovable monuments of Kotayk region.



8There was a distant point there. It was Mayravanq. We and Mr. Ara, who was accompanying us, decided to gather the garbage on our way. I should say rather much garbage was gathered. Finally we reached Mayravanq.
This monument was founded by Hovhan Mayravanetsi (Mayragometsi) in the 7th century. We entered, but we didn’t like the situation inside. There were broken windows and dusty icons everywhere. Of course, we gathered all the garbage, cleaned the dust and re-arranged the icons after lighting candles.


Our group also gathered all the garbage in the courtyard of the monastery. Then we played a lot of exciting games and enjoyed the gentle sounds of the guitar by our boys’ performance.


Later we went down to the foot of the mountain and started our way home.



Excursion to Mayravanq

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