Excursion to Saghmosavanq, Ohanavanq and Qasakh Canyon


15Group 604 organized an excursion to Saghmosavanq and Ohanavanq on November 7.


The excursion started from the visit to Saghmosavanq, where the students got acquainted with the history of the church, lit candles. The most difficult part of the excursion started after a light lunch. The students moved to the Qasakh canyon by a headlong and rocky pathway… The courageous Lyceum students weren’t dispirited from the difficult and dangerous path, they were at the bottom after 15 minutes. They walked most of the way by the canyon – by the bank of the Qasakh river. There were surprises everywhere – frogs, colourful stones and caves. One of the most pleasant discoveries was the rocky church, St. Astvatsatsin. After a short pause and a little rest the Lyceum students continued their way to Ohanavanq.


The football match with the residents of the village cheered the tired students after they’d seen the church…


Group 604 students discovered one more part of their fatherland and returned to Yerevan.


Vahan Gevorgyan, Group 604.



Excursion to Saghmosavanq, Ohanavanq and Qasakh Canyon

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