Art and sport as a path to self-discovery


16Lyceum 3rd grade students started the new academic year with the experience of self-discovery through art and sport. In fact a good reason to make sure that the coherence of science, art and sport is an exceptional path to self-discovery.


The combination of exact sciences, mainly Mathematics and Fine Arts, gave the children an opportunity to reveal the symmetries in nature and understand their perfection. The students also tried to express their feelings with the help of colours.


8The combination of Dancing and Sport gave a chance to see that perfection in movement and plasticity, and a nice performance with flexible and spirited dance movements was created. Sport helped to keep that perfection in proper posture. And all this was completed with a well-organized marathon which promoted healthy lifestyle. It’s good when a sound soul dwells within a sound body.


It’s surprising for the students to discover how our brain work and nervous system are connected with music. They could introduce the influence of harmonious and melodious classical music and not melodious music on people with the help of a musical performance.


Chess revealed the advantages of mind and body interconnection. Chess knowledge turned into chess abilities…


Art and sport as a path to self-discovery

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