Open lesson in frames of the program “Safer Internet 2016”


1Safer Internet Day is celebrated on the second day of the second week of the second month every year. This year it was celebrated on February 9.

The “Safer Internet – Armenia” three-month program launched on February 9 (the 8th year). Its aim is to make the Internet safer for children.

An open lesson was also held at Anania Shirakatsy Armenian National Lyceum Department of Informatics in frames of the “Safer Internet 2016”.

7The dangers of the Internet, the rules to avoid them and be protected were introduced during the lesson. It was talked about computer viruses, social ethics maintenance, network fraud, virtual persecution and harassment. The students checked their internet safety knowledge with the help of the test from the website

One of the main problems a child faces is the large amount of unwarrantable content on the Internet. The establishment of contacts and relationships between people has become easier, but it’s also a fertile environment for machinations and fraud.

The program “Safer Internet” aims at providing students and teachers with necessary information and educational materials with the help of which they can use the enormous possibilities of the Internet effectively.



Open lesson in frames of the program “Safer Internet 2016”