The primary school students’ event “Autumn scenery”


11Group 333 students saw off the autumn with a nice and colourful performance. The primary school students had organized a musical-dancing event under the title “Autumn scenery” with the help of their homeroom teacher Anna Navasardyan, the artistic director Ruzanna Mkrtchyan, as well as their Dance teacher.


Anna Navasardyan told us what a thorough and intensive preparatory work had been done to put on the stage that nice and rich performance. She also thanked all the people who had supported them.


ՏWith the help of a kind fairy and her magic stick the sad old man was able to change his gray life filling it with colours, songs and dances. The students portrayed the autumn as a parade of colours that have their own charm and role in our lives…



The primary school students’ event “Autumn scenery”

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