Meeting with Astronomer Areg Miqayelyan



Areg Miqayelyan, the chairman of the Armenian Astronomical Society, the deputy director of the Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory and Candidate of Physico-Mathematical Sciences, had a meeting with the Middle school students (8th and 9th grades) in the Lyceum ceremony hall today. The meeting had been initiated by the Physics Department at the head of Vardan Melqonyan. According to him, the aim of the meeting was to generate interest in the Universe and nature among the students, as well as to help them in their professional orientation and research works.
aregmikayelyan2Areg Miqayelyan had made an interesting presentation on the history of astronomy, on the main astronomical concepts and developments for the Lyceum students. He also talked about prominent astronomers and separately introduced the 7th century outstanding Armenian scientist Anania Shirakatsy mentioning that he was the founder of astronomy as a science in Armenia. Areg Miqayelyan also talked about the crater on the Moon named after Shirakatsy and informed the Lyceum students that an article on the Armenian names in the Universe would be published soon.
According to the chairman of the Armenian Astronomical Society, besides getting the useful information, the middle school students also had the opportunity to ask him questions and discuss issues of concern.



Meeting with Astronomer Areg Miqayelyan

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