Lyceum teacher is the winner of the international competition


6Lyceum teacher is the winner of the international competition
Elina Shaqaryan, the head of Russian Language and Literature Department of Anania Shirakatsy Armenian National Lyceum, became the winner of the international competition “The best teacher of the country”. The competition took place in Moscow.
Elina Shaqaryan told us that the competition was organized by “Rossotrudnichestvo” federal organization. 600 Russian teachers from 60 states of the CIS, Baltic States, Europe, Africa and America participated in the competition. The competition was held the third time. Its aim was to promote the professional qualification rise of Russian teachers working in foreign countries, to exchange experience and strengthen the ties between Russian and foreign specialists.


4The competition was held in two phases. For the first phase the participants had to present their tests and creative assignments on certain sections of Russian Language. They also had to write as essay on the given quotes.


“I’d chosen Maxim Gorki’s following quote “It is to books that I owe everything that is good in me”, mentioned Elina Shaqaryan. “ I love that author. I thought I would be able to present him properly. And I could. Our works were thoroughly analyzed by the experts. My name appeared in the list of the 15 winners. I’m very proud, as I duly represented not only the Lyceum, but also Armenia”.1For the second stage the participants had 6 minutes to introduce themselves, their school, then to hold a unique open lesson. Our teacher became the winner in the nomination “Pure Russian” at this stage.


It’s the second time that Elina Shaqaryan has shined with her knowledge and professional level and introduced Anania Shirakatsy Armenian National Lyceum with honor. In 2013 she became the best Russian Language and Literature teacher in a competition organized by the Armenian representation of “Rossotrudnichestvo”.


Levon Azroyan



Lyceum teacher is the winner of the international competition