The writer Ruben Hovsepyan visited the Lyceum


5E. Charents’ death anniversary (November 27) was this year as well specially marked in the Lyceum. The students of groups 1061 and 1062 hosted the famous Armenian novelist, screenwriter and translator Ruben Hovsepyan in frames of their research. The students had already met the famous writer in the Writers Union of Armenia, and they’d invited him to watch the presentation of their research works. They referred to the writer’s creative life nicely and thoroughly, evaluating the most important moments separately. The Lyceum students were familiar with many of the writer’s works, and they had a good opportunity to clarify some questions personally with him… They had a discussion on one of Ruben Hovsepyan’s famous novels, ”Pomegranates”. The author talked about his emotional state while writing the novel by the request of those present. Ani Melikyan, a Lyceum student, had prepared a surprise – the illustration of the novel by her perception. 7The author liked it very much. The authors of the research works asked questions on the other novels of the writer as well and received interesting answers. The students wondered what was the famous writer’s favourite book. It was Gabriel García Márquez’s ”One Hundred Years of Solitude”, which was translated into Armenian by him – Ruben Hovsepyan.


The Lyceum students also spoke about the films, the scripts of which were written by Ruben Hovsepyan, and asked questions about their favourite episodes.


The meeting was held in a creative atmosphere, full of recollections, advice and appreciation of beauty.



The writer Ruben Hovsepyan visited the Lyceum

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