Let’s reveal our learners’ abilities together


Dear colleagues,

The competition “Discovery of the Year” will be first held in the Lyceum primary school this academic year. Here are the nominations:

Art of singing

Art of dancing


Scenic speech (in the language the participant prefers, authoring)

Performing arts instrumental


An original genre (juggling, acrobatics, camerawork…)

Chess: “The best chess combination”

The students can apply for the competition till November 20. Their homeroom teachers will submit the applications to the arts council.

Each student can apply for more than 1 nomination completing separate applications. The application form is attached to the letter.

Hearings and performances will be organized for the participants of various genres till the end of the year.

The final gala concert will be held in April, when the winners will be determined and awarded.

Let’s reveal our learners’ abilities together.

Ruzanna Mkrtchyan is responsible for the project.

Let’s reveal our learners’ abilities together

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