Lyceum Students Visited the National Gallery of Armenia


7Lyceum 6th grade students (groups 604 and 605) visited the National Gallery of Armenia with their Armenian and Russian language teachers and their counselor-pedagogue. This largest art museum is situated on the main square of the capital of Armenia. There are about 25000 canvases in the museum. The works of such world famous artists as Hovhannes Ayvazovski, Minas Avetisyan, Martiros Saryan, Harutyun Kalents, the Hovnatanyans and others, are exhibited in the gallery.


The works the students saw in the hall of the Hovnatanyans were especially impressive. It’s interesting that the works of the Hovnatanyan dynasty have become a significant part of the Armenian Fine Arts of 17-18th centuries. 4There are portraits of a lot of known and unknown people of their times in their works. Hakob Hovnatanyan, who’s famous for his portraits, had a great role in the development of Fine Arts in Armenia.


The students were also very impressed by the marine artist Hovhannes Ayvazovski’s and other famous Armenian artists’ works.


The students left the gallery with new knowledge and impressions.


We would like to mention that the students had been studying the theme ”Painting” in frames of their Armenian and Russian classes since September. Thus the excursion aimed to sum up the acquired knowledge.


Group 604 student Arsine Ayvazyan



Lyceum Students Visited the National Gallery of Armenia

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