Group 514 students visited Matenadaran


5Group 514 students visited Matenadaran accompanied by Miss Ashkhen, the Armenian Church History teacher, Mrs. Anahit, the Armenian Language teacher, Gohar Petrosyan, the counselor-pedagogue. Our visit to the main store of ancient manuscripts was impressive right from the entrance.


We stood for a while admiring the statues of the great Armenians. At the entrance it was written ‘‘ՌՋԾԷ’’ – 1957, the year Matenadaran was founded.


There were a lot of ancient manuscripts there, such as “The Bible”, known as the queen of translations, ‘‘Msho Charentir’’ and the first part of the smallest Armenian book.


3We saw A. Shirakatsy’s “Tvabanutiun” (Arithmetic) in the other hall, as well as components of getting carmine and other colours.


We visited the new building of Matenadaran as well and got acquainted with the exhibits.


After the excursion we all had the belief that we could discover and learn something new every time we visited Matenadaran.


Group 514 student David Ter-Tachatyan



Group 514 students visited Matenadaran

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