The 7th graders took part in the “Geographic Mosaic”


1The 7th grade students participated in the competition “Geographic Mosaic” in frames of “Shirakatsy Days” festival. The competition, initiated by the Geography teacher Ani Mkrtumyan, aimed at summarizing the knowledge of the 5-7th graders.


The competition consisted of 2 phases. The first one was called “Blitz questions,” when the students answered the given questions orally. For the 2nd phase they had to answer after a 5-minute preparation. The Geography quiz covered all the topics of the 5-7th grades. The students were asked interesting questions on all the geographical spheres (lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and atmosphere). Some of the questions were related to global issues.


10The head of Geography Department Tehmine Tonoyan, the teachers A. Mkrtumyan and R. Saribekyan were the members of the jury.


According to the final results the team “Araqs” (group 792) became the winner demonstrating effective teamwork and deep knowledge.



The 7th graders took part in the “Geographic Mosaic”