The 7th graders studied how a book is created


1The students of groups 791 and 792 visited the “Printinfo” publishing house with their Russian teacher Narine Surenovna and the counselor-pedagogues Ms. Arevik and Ms. Lilit.


The visit was impressive from the very first moments. We couldn’t even imagine the effort needed to create a book. The workers of the publishing house accepted us with great love and readiness.


We learnt almost everything on books and printing with the help of the information given by the director. The publishing process consists of 3 phases: prepress, printing and publishing. The book itself consists of 2 parts – the cover and the sheets. A cover may be rigid or soft. We studied the various paper types used for printing.



After getting some information we headed to see the actual process of printing. We learnt a range of book creation techqniques.


We liked the publishing house very much. We understood that we wouldn’t have any books without that huge work. I’m sure we’ll be very careful towards books hereafter. We’re grateful to Mr. Mehrabyan for his warm reception and interesting information.


Group 791 student
Simonyanc Anahit



The 7th graders studied how a book is created