Group 794 students as teachers


5It’s so pleasant when your classmate is “the teacher” – she/he introduces the new lesson, organizes interesting and diverse group work.


Group 794 students and our dear Armenian Language and Literature teacher Zhanna Harutyunyan decided that the students would act as teachers to make the lessons more interesting. The students with good progress and behavior would hold the lesson with the help of Mrs. Zhanna Harutyunyan.


Vahan Harutyunyan was the first who tried the role of a teacher. Vahan organized interesting group work, game-quizes and introduced the new lesson. Vahan felt wonderful in the role of the teacher, he even made remarks.


Then it was Diana Hakobyan’s turn. Diana and Mrs. Harutyunyan had previously prepared a lot of interesting things – riddle-problems, funny situations, interesting questions for the revision of the previous lesson and the introduction of the new one. Diana explained the new lesson in an interesting way and we understood it with the help of group work. 12


The next teacher was Edgar Buniatyan. He had initiated interesting ideas with Mrs. Harutyunyan. We summed up that lesson in a unique way.


We’re very pleased with this experience and we’d like to have such interesting lessons a lot. Each of us is waiting for his/her turn.


Group 794 students Zaruhi and Arina



Group 794 students as teachers