Group 885 students visited Avetik Isahakyan House-Museum


12Group 885 students had an impressive and instructive visit to Avetik Isahakyan House-Museum. I would like to tell what my friends and I saw there. The entrance doors were antique, and though it was an old building, but it seemed to have been built recently. The atmosphere was very fine. The house had two floors, there was a large balcony and a beautiful garden. We went upstairs to see some belongings of Isahakyan and learnt some episodes from his life. Then we watched a video and went downstairs, where we saw Isahakyan’s library, his last photograph, manuscripts, bedroom and living-room. Isahakian had received countless gifts (books, pictures, vases, statues and others) from different people. We saw Isahakian’s bust both in the museum and in the garden. The fact that Isahakyan loved little statues and had plenty of them interested us a lot. We left the museum with new knowledge.


11It’s easy to just take and read Isahakyan’s writings, but it’s of great interest to see under what conditions they were created. Isahakyan urged to maintain our native language. It is not for nothing that our ancestors shed so much blood.


Mane Mkrtchyan
Group 885 student



Group 885 students visited Avetik Isahakyan House-Museum