Group 975 Students Visited Ervand Kochar Museum


6Group 975 students visited the Museum of Ervand Kochar, an artist and sculptor. Their Armenian Language and Literature teacher Eva Gharakhanyan and their counselor-pedagogue Siranoush Ayvazyan accompanied them./p>

The students had studied our national epic, “David of Sassoun”, and they knew the famous sculpture and paintings created on that theme. They revealed the author’s talent in the halls of that small, but interesting museum.


The impressive sculptures and paintings, the graphic illustrations of the epic, the story of their creation and survival, and, finally, Kochar’s challenging and amazing life gave our students the opportunity to get acquainted with great Armenian figures once more and be proud of them.


Group 975 student
Iren Ayvazyan



Group 975 Students Visited Ervand Kochar Museum