Food for health. Open lesson on healthy food


1ՄAn open English lesson under the title “Food for health” was held in the 2nd subgroup of group 514 on November 13.


The atmosphere of the lesson devoted to food was interactive. The students had prepared a lot of information about different types of food and they presented their usefulness and the possible effects on health in detail. The open lesson was full of games and additional materials – posters and flyers on healthy food.


11The English teacher Lily Saroyan guided the students with her questions and provided their activeness, at the same time she helped them to present their own works freely.


During the lesson the students also found out each other’s food preferences through the previously made questionnaires, and they tried to help their friends to orientate in healthy food within the scope of the acquired knowledge.


The open lesson gave a good opportunity to both receive more knowledge on healthy food, and to learn the English vocabulary on the topic.



Food for health. Open lesson on healthy food

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