International Baccalaureate Certification

In time period between 2013 and 2014 the Lyceum obtained International Baccalaureate certification for its all – primary, middle, and high – school programs, thus becoming the only educational institution in Armenia offering ultimate International Baccalaureate programs.


The International Baccalaureate certification is indeed the crowning glory of all the achievements that the Lyceum contemporary to the independence of country earned by continuing the best traditions of the Nersisian School and staying loyal to its mission.


Since its foundation the Lyceum had 1581 graduates. The graduation result is getting closer to the results of the world prominent educational institutions. All the graduates were admitted to higher educational institutions. More than 300 individuals from Shirakatsy alumni studied and continue to study in world leading universities such as Harvard, Cambridge, Sorbonne, Oxford, Stanford, Lomonosov, Massachusetts, Tokyo, Pekin, London universities.


Three Shirakatsy Lyceum graduates received Special Prize of the President of RA for their outstanding research in Physics. The Shirakatsy alumni keep long standing relationships with their school. “Lyceans Union” NGO was founded by their initiative; it combines the graduates of all academic years and is aimed at promoting the Lyceum and uniting the lyceans under one common goal. More than a hundred lyceans submitted dissertations and received academic degrees.




The role of the Lyceum in restoration and organization of Science Olympiads in Armenian is truly remarkable. Starting from 1993 the final republican rounds of Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Geography subject Olympiads were held in the Lyceum. The Lyceum organized International Mendeleev Chemistry Olympiad twice, “Constitution and Law” Republican Olympiad six times. Number of the Lyceum students who were awarded by certificates in Olympiads is suggestive.


Since 2006 the Lyceum in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of RA and the Education Department of Yerevan Municipality implements open republican Olympiads for 4th to 7th grade students from all general education program subjects.


16 Lyceum students were recognized as the best students in the country and received the Special Education Award of the President of RA in IT sphere.


In 2012 the central body of “Green Planet” International Ecological Organization recognized the Lyceum as the regional representative of the forum.