Foundation of the Lyceum

“Shirakatsy Lyceum” International Scientific – Educational Complex was founded in 1990 to reveal gifted children, manage their education and study their gift problems. Since the day of its foundation the Lyceum implements copyright educational program which is developed by the founding director of the Lyceum Ashot Hrant Alikhanyan.


Brief Historical Review

The Lyceum is a classical educational institution that gives opportunity to children from Armenia, Diaspora as well as foreign countries to receive comprehensive general (complete) education.


During the history Armenian people created several lyceums. Yet in 11th century Grigor Magistros founded educational institutions in Ani, Bjni, and Sanahin that were called lyceums. Later, lyceum became the name for those educational institutions that were not only based on best traditions of Armenian education but also ensured a step forward in education quality. In all the periods of our nation’s history these institutions – as unequaled temples of mind – excellently served in creation and shaping of Armenian intellectuals. Lazaryan Lyceum in Moscow, Gevorgyan Lyceum in Ejmiatsin, Melkonian Lyceum in Cypros and Murad-Rafaelyan Lyceum in Venice are some of those. Nersisian School in Tbilisi by its nature was a lyceum as well.




Shirakatsy Lyceum was founded on the eve of our country’s independence and became modern successor of the grateful pursuit of its predecessors. The Lyceum, along with its willingness to emulate its predecessors on educational agenda and to continue their traditions, has its own vision for creating reliable future for our nation and a corresponding plan of actions.



The mission of the Lyceum is to develop future leaders, intellectuals, and citizens respecting national and global human values.