IB Encourages the Lyceum’s Path


During October 26-29, Global Conference of International Baccalaureate was held in the Hague. The Lyceum’s delegation included Head Ashot Alikhanyan, IB Diploma Program Coordinator Anna Stepanyan, and Deputy Director of International Affairs Tatevik Nalbandyan.

By the way, Tatevik Nalbandian is the only certified expert on PYP education advising in Armenia. We talk about the forum with her.


– What was the importance of our participation in the Global Conference?

– The participation was important for getting acquainted with modern methodology, following developments in the educational field and communicating with experts and representatives from other international schools. To succeed in any profession, one has to follow the trends in the world, and move, if not faster, then at least the same speed with them.

– What are the developments in the educational field, what tendencies are there?

– The pivotal role is given to innovation, the development of creativity of the students on the one hand, and emotionality on the other.

– Day after day the number of IB schools increases, what is IB’s vision in this regard?

– The number of IB schools is growing rapidly. Established 50 years ago, now there are 4775 IB schools worldwide. And what will happen in the next 50, 100 years? This is only concerning numbers, and about the content: starting from a just high school program, now there are available 4: PYP, MYP, DP and Career Related Program. As it develops and spreads geographically, the operations are changing so that the organization can cooperate with more schools, taking into account the individuality and needs of each one. For this purpose, specialists have been assigned to work with each school. This system enables the responsible person to be well informed about the school and the school to get directed, get support from the IB.

– What is the role of the Lyceum in the big family of IB?

– IB encourages the Lyceum’s path as it perfectly aligns with IB’s visions and philosophy, and for the second consecutive year, the Diploma Program’s results are the tangible outcome of this.

IB Encourages the Lyceum’s Path