Minister Levon Mkrtchyan’s Visit to “Shirakatsy Lyceum”


On July 17, Minister of Education and Science Levon Mkrtchyan visited “Shirakatsy Lyceum” International Scientific Educational Complex. The delegation from Kuwait also joined the Minister in getting acquainted with the activities of the only international educational institution in Armenia certified with three programs of IB, and with the mechanisms of implementation of the programs.


The delegation of Kuwait included Head of the School Nerses Sarkisean, Educational Council Members Tina Paramagian and Yeghia Karpooshian.
Armenian National School of Kuwait, established under the auspices of the Armenian Prelacy of Kuwait and the Arabian Gulf, was founded in 1960 and covers all educational degrees from kindergarten to high school. “The educational process in the school is in Arabic in terms of general state educational standards and in Armenian in terms of Armenian studies,” representative Tina Paramagian said. “It is now crucial for us to increase the teaching in Armenian and to increase our students’ opportunities to apply and get accepted to foreign universities”.


The Founder – Head of the Lyceum Ashot Alikhanyan presented the benefits and ample opportunities of the International Baccalaureate program to the guests: “IB is not just an educational program, but is an excellent methodology that enables easy integration of any educational program. Our national educational program is a very strong one, yet it is not properly implemented. In our case, the synthesis of IB methodology and our national educational program provides tangible results,” said Ashot Alikhanyan.


At the Lyceum, responsible working groups presented primary, middle, and high school programs to the Minister and guests, in detail reflecting the approaches used and experience gained.


At the end of the meeting Levon Mkrtchyan mentioned: “We have schools that have strong sides and experience in a certain direction in our Republic, hence, we have to take the best experience from them and spread it over other schools.”


Minister Levon Mkrtchyan’s Visit to “Shirakatsy Lyceum”