New Laboratory Complex of Natural Sciences at the Lyceum


On September 5, the Laboratory Complex of Natural Sciences was officially opened at “Shirakatsy Lyceum” International Scientific-Educational Complex due to the close cooperation of the Lyceum, Converse Bank and “Shirakatsy Lyceum Development Fund”.


The Laboratory of Natural Sciences includes chemistry, biology and physics classrooms and laboratories for experiments.


“By separating the classroom from the laboratory, we have created a natural science environment, where our students have the opportunity to carry out laboratory experiments simultaneously with their lessons,” said Ashot Alikhanyan, Head of “Shirakatsy Lyceum” International Scientific-Educational Complex.


This format of the laboratory complex is in line with the requirements of the International Baccalaureate, which considers all natural sciences as one whole. And the Lyceum, being the only educational institution in Armenia having three programs of the International Baccalaureate, needed to create such a laboratory.


The creation of laboratory complex provides wide range of opportunities for the students not only to acquire theoretical knowledge, but also to apply everything they learned from textbooks to practice. “This will also motivate them, as the acknowledgement via touch always helps the learning process in early childhood. When they touch, make experiments: colors, odors, events. These strengthen the knowledge of the students received from the subject,” said Vahuni Karapetyan, a graduate of the Lyceum, who received his doctorate in Germany.


The labs are equipped with modern devices and tools. The Lyceum highlights the importance of ensuring the safety of students during their education. Moreover, well-organized secure education seeds in the students the culture of putting safety first.

New Laboratory Complex of Natural Sciences at the Lyceum