Personal Project Review


The Personal Project Review of the tenth grade students took place on April 7.


For a year, the tenth grade students have chosen, studied and observed one of the most important topics for them to satisfy their own interests and to be innovative in the subject.


“My goal is to show the soldier’s feelings through the colours before, during, and after the war,” says Gayane, “I first interviewed the soldier, due to his responses I attempted to depict the feeling and then studied the colours, their definitions, correspondingly received three completely different images.”


The students are free to choose the theme, the work can be both academic and creative, and the important thing is to have a complete final product.


“This is the best way of self-expression when students learn from different disciplines, go beyond the limits of subjects, explore things, come up with some questions and find the answers to them,” said Tatevik Nalbandyan, High School Principal.


Personal Project is the ultimate research work of MYP graduates and at the same time the foundation for all the other activities that they still have to accomplish in both the Lyceum and the university.


“This is one of the exceptional projects where students have the opportunity to self-organize, demonstrate their skills and make us its participant because it is a holiday for the whole school community,” said MYP Coordinator Mane Gevorgyan. “This is the place is where everyone enjoys the result of their work. ”


Personal Project Review