The Group 4 project is one of the essentials of the Diploma Programme. Group 4 is the fourth group of subjects, which includes sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Science). During the project students who take different science subjects come together and by complementing each other’s skills, imply science in environmental, social, and ethical ways.
IBDP2 students presented the research they have done in scopes of the project in May 2021 by completing a field study in the areas in Yerevan, Sevan, and Dilijan. Every subject had its own aim and conclusion. As a result, physics found out that light intensity level is the highest in Sevan and the lowest in Dilijan, computer science concluded that humidity affects the speed of wireless data transfer, biology derived that the higher temperature of the soil, the higher the biodiversity and chlorophyll amount in plants, and chemistry found out that in sunny areas the pH and minerals amounts are less. They even showcased the experiment by which the measurements were done. We followed through the whole process and once again discovered the interconnections of these studies. As Phil Jackson once said "The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team." I think this was successfully demonstrated in their work that collaboration is one of the cores of scientific research. And the Group 4 project helps students to experience it. As the group members say, “Group 4 project is all about the idea that science is a field which can be performed with group work and collaboration”. 
By observing their work, as a future student who will take part in a Group 4 project, I understood that the Group 4 project is a great opportunity to research the local environment, get more insight in other scientific fields, gain academic knowledge, collaborate with great teamwork and have an interesting shared experience exploring nature. 
Susanna Atanessian, IBDP1 student