From March 25 to 28, Shirakatsy Lyceum International Scientific-Educational Complex is organizing a workshop for teachers and staff in Tsakhkadzor. The three-day meeting, combining enjoyable work and leisure, includes developing an educational complex action plan, including curriculum review, curriculum content, and compliance monitoring.

Due to the group-collaborative activities at the workshop, it is planned to address the content of education and promote joint planning among the departments of the educational complex, contributing to the strengthening of interdisciplinary and re-subject approaches. Expanding the cooperation with the parent community, a parent of the Lyceum, S. Yeritsyan, was invited to the workshop as a speaker, who will help the Lyceum staff train time management skills.

Education expert Serob Khachatryan is also invited to the workshop as a guest seminar.

"Field cooperation will allow our large family of the Lyceum to go beyond the content of one subject, approach the same topic from another prospective , develop new teaching approaches, and relax and accumulate new ideas," said Gagik Torchyan, Deputy Director of the educational complex.