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  The Middle School of the "Shirakatsy Lyceum" International Scientific-Educational Complex was founded in 1998. The educational process of the Middle School is organized by the integrated educational program of the RA State and International Baccalaureate Middle School (Middle Years Program or IB MYP). The main objective of the IB MYP program is to develop a knowledgeable, researching and constantly evolving individual.

The Middle School program of Shirakatsy Lyceum is for students ages 10-16 and begins from 5th grade. The Middle School Program (MYP) is an innovative comprehensive education program that not only takes a rigorous approach to student learning, but also emphasizes the development of personal skills that are central to becoming a lifelong learner.

It is a student-centered program that educates intellectually minded and inquisitive young adults with a focus on the social, emotional, and educational needs of the student. The standards of the MYP are aligned with the goals and objectives of the Armenian National Education Program, preparing students to meet the requirements of both the IB Diploma Program and the High School National Program.



At the center of the middle school program model is the student, everything is focused on the development of the latter and his qualities as a learner.

The main components of the MYP model are concepts, universal contexts, approaches to teaching (ATT - Approaches to Teaching), approaches to learning (ATL - Approaches to Learning), service through action, MYP projects, international thinking and eight subject groups.

  • Service projects

        At Shirakatsy Lyceum, students actively participate in service projects, demonstrating their commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others and the environment. As caring members of the community, students use their academic knowledge to make a difference in the real world.

    Each age group carries out a service project through which students contribute to the welfare of the community by visiting orphanages, nursing homes, and hospitals, as well as organizing plays for children, holding classes for younger friends, and actively participating in recycling programs by collecting and recycling paper and plastic.

    This service-oriented approach is an integral part of the educational process that nurtures socially responsible individuals who understand the importance of contributing to the well-being of their community.

    Paper is not a trash…
    Cork collecting
    Classical music in our lives
  • Community projects

       The Community Project focuses on community and service, encouraging students to discover their right and responsibility to perform service as an action in the community. A community project offers students the chance to cultivate awareness and address the diverse needs of various communities. Shirakatsy Lyceum encourages students to plan responsible activities and be proactive in implementing their Community plan.

    Students plan how to get money for their projects, organize fairs to sell their handmade items.

    Computer utilization
    Learn history by playing
    Assistance the Department of Physics in acquiring new equipment and mechanisms.
  • Individual projects

    Students present their Individual Project at the end of 10th grade. An individual project encourages students to apply and strengthen their approaches to learning (ATL) skills, develop a range of personal interests.

    The individual project provides an excellent opportunity for students to create a truly personal and often creative product/outcome.
    The Lyceum has developed an IP research course for class 10 students to support them in completing their project effectively.

    Individual projects are sent to the IB office for evaluation.

    Catch the moment
    Elen's room
  • Interdisciplinary projects

       Interdisciplinary learning has its own special place in the middle school program of Shirakatsy Lyceum. All students in grades 5-10 conduct research on a concept within integrated subjects and create a final result (product) by applying the knowledge and skills acquired during the lessons. As a result, students find new ways to solve problems, draw conclusions. Carrying out interdisciplinary projects develops the IB qualities of students, making them communicative, creative, researching, knowledgeable, open-minded, principled, creative, caring and balanced.


        To facilitate interdisciplinary projects, teachers engage in collaborative planning that considers students' learning needs. This process determines the project's outcome, assessed tasks, and research sources, which may include scientific literature, art books, textbooks, excursions, websites, and meetings with specialists.

    The city of my heart
    I am the protector of animals
    What does the parable teach?


Middle school by the numbers

The middle school is the largest structure in the Lyceum by the number of students. Check out interesting digital facts here:

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    applicant in 2023
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    student in state co-financed place



   Admission to Middle School is organized through a competitive process for both paid and state co-financed positions, with the primary admissions period taking place in May-June.

For questions related to admission you can contact

For questions related to admission you can contact
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